Dear You,
I grew up on grafitti and comics. Drawing, either on paper or walls, was my world.

Eventually, I studied art at the Pennslyvania Governor's School for the Arts and at Temple University's Tyler School of Art where I recieved BFA in Painting.

I started Thinktank Comics after college. My mother had just died, and I jumped in during a time when my head wasn't right. I knew nothing about business, and lost any money I had. However, I made a comic with more soul, joy, hurt, and ambition then any you've seen. That comics name was Hysteria.

I lost it all on Hysteria, but it was my "Masters program" for comics. This was in the late 90's.

Now I work as a cartoonist, comic artist, concept artist, and illustrator. I've worked for FOX films, Marvel Comics, Vertigo/DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Mirage Studios, Oni Press, The Philadelphia 76ers, Wendy's, and a long list of others I won't bore you with.

I have a ton of books under my belt now.
I am even overseas, in several languages, been up for awards...

...but none of it means anything. All I care about is drawing, making more art. The medium will change from time to time, anything from printmaking, to art books, to clothing, to painting... whatever, so long as I'm making art.

If you like that kind of thing, then stick around.
Mike Hawthorne

TM & Copyright Mike Hawthorne